Changing Careers

When changing careers, it is important to ensure that the transition is well executed.

The key to making a successful transition is planning. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • What's important to me?
  • What gives meaning to my life?
  • What are my personal goals?
  • What do I want from my career?

The self-awareness and understanding gained from the answers to these questions provides a solid foundation for a career action plan.

Making the decision to leave your current role is difficult, but If you're certain it's a new career you need, here are some questions for you to ask yourself:

  • What will my new career offer me that my current career doesn't?
  • What are my transferable skills?
  • What are my preferred work environments?
  • Will I need further training and if so, am I willing and able to do what it takes?
  • Am I willing to take a pay cut to pursue my new career if necessary?
  • What obstacles might I encounter as I transition to my new career?

Try to gain the necessary qualifications, skills and experience you'll need before you leave your current job. Job seekers already in employment tend to be more successful in gaining a new position than those who are unemployed. It's a good idea to join any relevant professional associations (even as a student or associate if you don't yet qualify as a full member), attend networking events and build contacts in the industry you plan to join. This is crucial since the majority of roles are filled through connections rather than job advertisements.

Finally, develop a clear and strategic career plan. This will act as a roadmap to your new career. Identify the goal you want to achieve then list the steps you'll take to achieve it. Include details of specific tasks you need to complete. Allocate realistic deadlines for the completion of each task. Once you've completed your assigned tasks and reached your goal, it's a good idea to evaluate your situation. Reflect on your progress and set any new goals you might wish to achieve.


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